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  • Union PCR160 plus, Siemens 840D, Spindle Diameter 160mm, X/Y/Z/W = 6.500/4.500/1500/700mm, 120 Station Tool Changer, EIMELDINGEN RUECKLE Model 2-30, 4000 x 4000mm x 50,000kg (5 degrees Max Tilt) 1500mm Travel Rotary Table), Spindle Taper ISO 50, Spindle Speeds 5 – 2800rpm, Main Motor 60kW Floorplates (2008) 
  • Union PC150, Heidenhain TNC426, Spindle Diameter 150mm, X/Y/Z/W = 8.000/3.500/800/750mm, 40 Station Tool Changer, Spindle Taper ISO 50, Spindle Speeds 5 - 2800rpm, Main Motor 60kW, Floorplates, on common bed with PC130 total X=16M (1999) 

  • UNION CBFK110, Heidenhain TNC430 CNC Control, Spindle Diameter 110mm, X/Y/Z/W = 2000/1250/800/630mm, Automatic Tool Changer (Defective), Table 1250 x 1600mm x 8T, Spindle Taper ISO 50, Spindle Speeds 5-1400 RPM, Main Motor 30 kW, with Right Angle Milling Head + Spindle Support (1986/2005)
  • UNION CBFK 130/2 Siemens 840D CNC Control, Spindle Diameter 130 mm, X/Y/Z/W= 300/160/800/400mm, 60-Station Automatic Tool Changer (Defective), Table 1600 x 200mm x 12.5T (1x), Spindle Taper ISO 50, Spindle Speeds 12-3000 RPM, Main Moter32.4 kW, (1999/2007)
  • UNION BFKF150/1,Heidenhain TNC355 CNC Control, Spindle Diameter 150mm, X/Y/Z/W = 3000/2000/1000/630mm, Table 1600 x 2000mm x 12T (1x), Spindle Taper ISO 50, Maximum Spindle Speed 1600 RPM, Main Motor 50 kW, with Sandvik Coromat Ejector Drilling Attachment, Universal Milling Head, Spindle Support (1984)
  • Kolomna KR1565 Twin-Ram, Siemens 840D, Table Diameter 4500mm, Max Swing 5200mm, Max Height Under Rail 3350mm, Max Table Load 60T, Max Turning Height 2500mm, Table Speeds 36RPM, Main Motor 100kW (Rebuilt 2008) 


  • SAFOP LEONARD 70CNC-B, Siemens 880T CNC Control, Swing Over Bed/Carriage 2000/1600mm, Maximum Distance Between Centres 4000mm, Maximum Boring Length 3600, Minimum/ Maximum Diameter x 450/920mm, Quill Diameter 900mm, 12-Station Turret, Spindle Speeds 50-2200 RPM, Main Motor 137 kW, Chuck Diameter 1600mm, 450-850mm Roller Steady, 800-1200mm Roller Steady, Spindle Hole 240mm, (1992)

  • Stanko-Y3TC UF920, Table Size 20.000 x 4.000mm, Max Table Load 250T, Max Height Under Rail 4.000mm, Distance Between Columns 4500mm with 8 Milling Attachments, 2 Ram-Heads on Elevating Cross Rail, 1 Side-Head, 8 Milling Heads (Manual Machine)

  • Waldrich Siegen PMC3000AS-M1, Siemens 880U, Table Size 13.000 x 2.500mm x 120,000kg, Max Height Under Rail 3.000mm, Distance Between Columns 3.000mm, Main Motor 50kW, Spindle Taper ISO 50, Spindle Speeds 20 - 4000rpm, X=6500, X 1+2=14.000, Y=4000, Z=1250mm, with Various Milling Attachments (1994)

  • CARNAGHI FPTM 253410/T24, 6-Axis, Siemens 880M CNC Control, Table Size 10,000 x 2,250mm x 50T, X-Y Travel 10,000x3370mm, Max. Height Under Rail 3400mm, Max. Distance Between Columns 2500mm, Integrated Rotary Table 2400, Load 15T, Motor 70kW, Speeds 70RPM, 360'000 Pos. (2) Heads, Vertical Turning Spindle, 60-Station Tool Changer (Milling), 12-Position Tool Changer (Turning), Spindle Taper ISO-50, Spinde Speeds 8-2700 RPM, Milling Head Motor 35 kW, Z1 Axis - 1100mm, Z2 Axis - 1750mm/32kW/5-2000 RPM, C/W Angle Head (1991)





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